Oversize Transport Service
Oversize Cargo at American Independent Line

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Features & Benefits

1. Attractive Lump Sum, All Inclusive Rates offer our customers firm, predictable transport costs.

2. Weekly Frequency and Expedient Transit Times allow our customers to accurately
schedulethe departure and arrival of their shipment.

3. Flexible “Door to Port” or “Port to Port” Service for oversize cargo offers our customer
the pricing options they require for particular shipments.

4. Transportation Cost and Service Proposals provide our customers detailed information
regarding their shipment.

5. Detailed Booking Confirmations are sent to our customers at the time of booking with
detailed shipping information.

6. Documents Are Prepared Promptly and Accurately to our customers exact specifications
and sent by air courier.

7. Arrival Notices provide our customers with information on the arrival and release of their
cargo at destination.

8. Worldwide Network of Agents coordinate the smooth and expedient release of cargo at destination.

We at American Independent Line take great pride in offering a high quality service to our customers.